Will Inirv React™ work on my stove?

Inirv React™ will work on the majority of gas and electric stoves that use knobs to control the burners. To be sure, check if your stove meets the following criteria:

  1. My stove uses knobs to control the burners
  2. The knobs pull off
  3. There is a minimum of ~2.6 inches from the center of one knob to the center of the adjacent knob

Still unsure if Inirv React™ will work on your stove? Send your stove’s model & number and/or pictures of it to contact@inirv.com and we will confirm for you!

Can Inirv React™ turn my stove on by itself?

For safety purposes, Inirv React™ cannot turn your stove on itself. This is both a hardware and software limitation. You will need to manually turn on the burner(s), after which Inirv React™ will automatically activate.

I'm concerned someone can hack into Inirv React™ and turn the stove on without my knowledge. Can this happen?

We have taken numerous precautions to make sure Inirv React™ is as safe as possible. Inirv React™ cannot turn a stove on remotely because knobs must be pushed down in order to turn on the burners. For safety reasons, Inirv React™ cannot mechanically perform this action. The device will also utilize advanced encryption protocols to minimize any chance of hacking. As an additional precaution, the Wi-Fi can also be turned off to prevent remote access. Even if this is disabled, the safety features will still function as normal!

Do I have to use the Wi-Fi feature?

Our smartphone app allows you to easily turn off the Wi-Fi. Even if it is disabled, the safety features will remain active and Inirv React™ will continue to protect your home.

Does Inirv React™ change the way I use my stove?

No! Use your stove as you normally do every day. Inirv React™ is automatically activated when you turn your stove on – no need to press any buttons!

How is Inirv React™ powered?

Inirv React™ uses AA batteries to power the sensor unit, and rechargeable batteries to power the knob units. You will be notified when it’s time for a battery recharge/change.

How many sensor and knob units do I need in my home?

You need one knob unit for every burner on your stovetop, but only one sensor unit. Inirv React™ will be sold in a package of 4 knob units and 1 sensor unit. If your stove has more than 4 burners, you can purchase additional knob units to ensure complete protection.

Will Inirv React™ come in different colors?

Yes! Inirv React™ will be sold in black, white, and stainless steel to fit perfectly with your kitchen decor. You will have the option to choose a color for the sensor unit and knob units! After you place your order, we will send out a survey where you can make your color choices.

Will Inirv React™ integrate with other smart home devices?

Yes! We are working to integrate Inirv React™ with as many smart home systems as possible. Check out which stretch goals were unlocked on our Kickstarter & Indiegogo campaign pages!

What if I have more than 4 burners on my stove? How do I get more knob units?

You can easily add additional knob units! Just add $60 to your pre-order for each additional knob unit needed. For example, if you have 5 burners on your stove, you will need 1 extra knob unit; you will add $60 to your pledge ($120 for 2 extra knob units, etc).

Where can I buy Inirv React™?

Pre-order here now! Click the PREORDER NOW link at the top this page. You can also sign up with your email to be the first to know about updates on shipping and other exciting news!

I have a question not answered here. Can I contact you directly?
Of course! Email us anytime at contact@inirv.com and we will respond asap. We look forward to hearing from you!